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INCON Systems was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of industrial machine controls. From the beginning, INCON has endeavored to provide the die, mold, and tool industries with control solutions that are reliable, intuitive, and cost effective. Our early tracing controls were well received and are still highly regarded. This young company received the Governor's New Product Award in 1989 for it's "Computer Automated Tracer". Technology evolution has resulted in an upcoming new family of controls including state-of-the-art CNC operator interfaces designed for both OEM and retrofit applications. INCON Systems has controls installed in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, and 27 of the 52 states. INCON controls are used to produce molds, dies and forging dies for the transportation industry, bottle producers, home appliance parts, automotive components, agricultural needs, household items, and aerospace applications. The control is typically used for production runs, "one of a kind" pieces, building prototype units, and manufacturing replacement parts. The control also supports reverse engineering functions via Digitizing tool path, mirror imaging, and male/female. INCON Systems continues to develop new products. Our CatLink upgrade is proprietary hardware designed for use on INCON CAT I or CAT II control systems. CatLink provides acceleration and deceleration of the feed rates based upon the partís profile. Our customers have reported amazing results from this high-speed solution. While we guarantee a minimum of 30% productivity improvement, our customers tell us they frequently "double" their machineís feed rate. INCON Systems is now a Div. of FAI, Inc.. New leadership brought needed change to the company. As always service and customer support are number one at Incon, however now we have the resoruces to charge ahead with Research and Development. The first phase was the CPR upgrade Kit. This modification for the CATI Control, is now the latest in computer technology. The new 10.4" color flat screen computer is more reliable, brighter, and operator friendly then its' predecessor. The CPR computer also alows you to connect into your shop computer network to transfer files from engineering to the machine, eliminating the need for a down load computer as was needed in the past. We do not want to obsolete our customers CATI control but instead, bring it up to today's Technological Standards. Check out the CPR upgrade.

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