time line:
1959 GETTYS Racine, WI formed as Electronic Systems Corporation of America. Founded by Roger Hill, Art Cherkinian, and George Hoffman.
1960 First 180 degree electrohydraulic tracer.
1961 First 360 degree electrohydaulic tracer.
1962 Developed a dynamically balanced 2-dimensional tracing head capable of tracing with one ounce of pressure.
1964 First rho-theta 360 degree tracer. Also developed the first all electric 3-axis tracer on the world market capable of continuos path tracing in any major plane.
1966 Hill and Hoffman (inventors) obtain patents covering 3-dimensional tracing system and a unique tracing concept allowing high speed accurate tracing.
1967 First tracing system exported to Europe.
1968 First four and five axis automatic tracers capable of tracing a one-to-one template.
1969 First servo motor designed to drive machine tool slides.
1971 D.C. servo motors and D.C. servo drives introduced at European show.
1972 "PACESETTER" (3 axis tracer) introduced.
1973 "ACROFEED" (manually programmed machine tool controller) introduced.
1975 Developed master-slave control capable of providing ratios between model and piece part other than one-to-one.
1976 First 3 phase controller.
1977 "PACESETTER 2", "S330" and "S370" (spindle controllers) introduced.
1978 "N360" (3 phase controller) and "Series 50" (motor) introduced.
1979 "PACESETTER 3" introduced.
1980 "T400" and "T500" (transistorized PWM controllers) and "Series 140" (drives) introduced.
1981 "PACESETTER 4" and "Versadrive" (servo drive) introduced. GETTYS merges with GOULD INC to become GETTYS MOTION CONTROL DIVISION.
1982 "MICROPACESETTER" (microcomputer based electronic tracing system), "AC 8000" (controller), and "Series 8100" (motor) introduced.
1983 Hill, Cherkinian, and Hoffman leave GETTYS to form INCON SYSTEMS LTD. A select group of the GETTYS controls team join INCON SYSTEMS LTD.
1984 CAT I (Computer Automated Tracer) introduced based on Multibus processor (8605) and HP-150 user interface. New tactile probe included in system supporting higher accuracies and improved performance.
1990 CAT II (Computer Automated Tracer) introduced based on Multibus processor (80286) and Color CRT user interface.
1993 CAT II system upgraded to incorporate 80486 technology providing improved performance and higher accuracies.
1997 CatLink introduced to support hardware based High Speed Machining and Optimization within INCON control systems. Founders retire and ownership transfers.
2000 INCON SYSTEM LTD. was purchased by F.A.I. INC., changing the name to INCON Systems DIV. of FAI, INC. and moved the facility to its present location.

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